Friday, June 7, 2013

The Adventure Never Ends...

I wish it would....

So.... Thursday, I went for my PICC xray and found out that it had shifted from it's original position, so I was going to need a new PICC put in.  The nurses that install the lines were busy, so I had an appointment scheduled for Friday morning.  After that lovely news, I went for my EGD, which I was told was scheduled at 10:45am.  After I had checked in, gone into the pre-op area, got dressed in the lovely paper gown, I was told that my appointment had been changed to noon.  Aaaaand, no one told me.  Yay, lots of extra time in pre-op...

During my EGD, my surgeon found an errant stitch that should have been removed two years ago.  He took that out and said he also untwisted a slight turn in my intestines.  I woke up from anesthesia feeling like someone beat me up.  I've gone through a ton of EGDs before and I'd never woken up feeling so awful.  They pumped me full of Fentanyl and sent me home.  I actually slept most of the rest of the day.

I had my PICC appointment this morning at 9am.  The nurses were overbooked, as usual, and seemed hurried.  They got me prepped and yoinked out the old line.  Not too much of a problem locating a good vein a little further up in the same arm.  The problem arose when the nurse started the deep vein punch and it HURT.  I yelped and tried not to move, and the nurse casually said "Oh, I guess I should give you some Lidocane."  What?  You did that with no local anesthetic?!?!  Oh, shoot me now.

Par for the course, huh?

Now I'm crabby, my arm is sore, and I have to get used to the new placement f the PICC.

I know, whine and bitch, bitch and whine.  That's about all I'm good for lately.

I haven't tried to eat anything solid yet.  I just don't want to.  I did drink a protein shake today, but that's all I could manage.  The pain twang is still there, though it does seem to be lessened.  At least that's something.


  1. Where did you go, and how are you doing now?

  2. Still alive, still fighting. I'm hoping to update this soon. May 24th 2016 was my latest adventure.... fistula takedown and adhesion removals. Follow up on June 8th... sorry I've been MIA. Hope yer all doing better than i am :)